Car Underwater in Moberly

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MOBERLY - Just after 7 am Saturday morning, Moberly Police responded to a vehicle that drove into the Beuth Quarry. A blue vehicle was seen floating in the water, and then it completely went under. A Randolph County Ambulance helped pull the vehicle out of the water. No one was in the vehicle at the time.

However, officers linked objects in the car with a person wanted for several thefts in the city. Police found out the car had been stolen from northwest Moberly. About 15 minutes after the discovery, police went to the 700 block of Homestead Drive and saw a man entering parked vehicles. Police arrested the 16 year-old subject after they found stolen items on him that went with some of the cars on Homestead. 

Later, Moberly PD linked the suspect to the car found in the water at the Beuth Quarry. Police turned the subject over to the Randolph County Juvenile Authority. The investigation is still ongoing.