Carl DeBrodie death investigation update

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FULTON - New court documents released Wednesday detail the night Carl DeBrodie died. Among the documents was a complaint that claimed the manager of the group home where the mentally disabled man was living forced him to fight other residents there.

Family members and Fulton residents were reeling Wednesday from the new information.

Mary Martin, who describes herself as DeBrodie's second mother said, “Totally heartbroken that nobody called an ambulance. They had no respect for life even for somebody that had disabilities.”

The document points fingers at home manager Sherry Paulo and at the Second Change home. According to the document, the 31-year-old was “subjected to physical abuse orchestrated by Defendant Paulo, Defendant Second Chance and carried out by other Facility residents.”

The court documents said DeBrodie's nurse and support coordinator neglected to meet with the victim face to face in the months leading up to his death. The lawsuits claims they could have noticed the black eyes and bruises DeBrodie regularly suffered and could have intervened before his death.

The new complaint said that DeBrodie regularly performed hard labor, was forced into physical altercations and stayed at Paulo’s personal home, including the night he died. DeBrodie's body was found in a storage unit.

“Within the first 72 to 96 hours after it was known that he had been found in a storage unit, there was already, I feel, a pretty widespread rumor circulating that there had been some type of fight club involved in his injuries and maybe his death,” Donna Montague, Martin’s friend, said.

According to the court documents, DeBrodie died while having a seizure in Paulo’s bathtub.

Montague told KOMU 8 News no one knows where the owner and manager of Second Chance Homes are.

KOMU 8 News reached out to the Fulton Police Department, but commanders there declined to comment about the ongoing investigation.

No arrests have been made in the case. 

“Only thing I can really say is this is really stressful right now,” Martin said.