Carl DeBrodie\'s mother says his housing facility cut family off from visits

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FULTON - While waiting for autopsy results from a body believed to be 31-year-old Carl DeBrodie, KOMU 8 News spoke to his grieving family and looked deeper into DeBrodie's group home. 

Carl DeBrodie was reported missing April 17, the same day a new owner took over care of the individuals in what was known as Second Chance Homes.

DeBrodie's mother Carolyn Summers said Second Chance told her family visits upset her son, and stopped allowing visitation.

"For the last two and a half, three years, we have not been able to see my son, Carl DeBrodie, because they wouldn't let us," Summers said. 

The new owner of the facility, now known as Finck Supported Living Services, sent this statement to KOMU 8 News regarding the investigation: 

"After accepting a referral from Department of Mental Health, Finck Supported Living Services assumed care for the developmentally disabled individuals living at 298 Claymine Drive on April 17. When we arrived, Carl Lee DeBrodie was not present or transitioned to our care. We are cooperating with law enforcement and state officials to assist as appropriate. Our first responsibility, of course, is to care for the individuals who still reside at the residence."

After seven days of searching, authorities found a body in a large container filled with concrete in a storage unit in Fulton. They said it is likely Carl DeBrodie. Fulton Police Chief Steve Myers said Wednesday the body may have been in the container for months.

Second Chance Homes was considered an Individualized Supported Living (ISL) facility. People can apply to operate ISL homes through the Missouri Department of Mental Health. According to the department's website, Second Chance received accreditation in 2005.

Rachael Rowden is listed as the owner of Second Chance on the department's website. But, when KOMU 8 News called the number provided, it went to voice mail. 

A former guardian of DeBrodie, Mary Martin, filed to be his legal guardian after DeBrodie had started living at Second Chance. Court documents obtained by KOMU 8 News show the court denied Martin guardianship, and she appealed the court's decision in 2012. 

According to those documents, DeBrodie's legal guardian is Callaway County Public Administrator Karen Digh-Allen. KOMU 8 News called her office several times Thursday, and received voice mail. 

Authorities are still awaiting results of an autopsy, and the Missouri Highway Patrol is attempting to identify the body through DNA testing.

KOMU 8 News has filed an open records request for complaints and inspections of Second Chance Thursday. We will update this story as we receive those records.