Carpets To Cash

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Allen Reed is shopping for seam tape to use for his carpet installation business, but that purchase wont cost him a cent. For more than five years he's been coming to Dave Grigg's Flooring America to recycle cushion.

"I probably bring in a bundle a couple times a week," said Reed.

Dave Grigg's accepts old carpet cushions in exchange for money or store credit.

"We recycle it," explained Griggs, "Then we send it back to the manufacturer who grinds it up and makes other products out of it as well as lesser quality carpet cushions."

And recycling it at a fast rate.

"They may bring five or six hundred pounds in at one time," said Charlie Hawkins, a salesperson for Grigg's.

"We've kept about 600,000 pounds so far," said Griggs. "That's 60 semi trailor loads of cushion out of Columbia's landfill in the last about five and a half years."

For every pound of cushion, you can get three cents in cash or five cents of store credit, but these cents can really add up.

"We've had guys who've built up enough credit to buy 14 or 15 hundred dollar diamond bladed ceramic tile saws," Griggs said.

So Allen's driving force for continuing to recycle cushion is simple. "Works for the environment and also works for my pocket," said Allen.

A way for you go green and have a little extra cushion in your wallet.

Grigg's usually gets around 400 pounds of cushion per day. He hopes to be able to recycle other types of flooring in the future.