Carrie Tergin wins Jefferson City mayoral race

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JEFFERSON CITY - Supporters of Carrie Tergin celebrated Tuesday night as Tergin was elected mayor of Jefferson City.

"I am so excited and completely humbled by the amount of support, and to have a margin like that is just so exciting. It shows that the community it behind me," Tergin said. 

Tergin said her main goal when she takes office is to build bonds within the community.

"I'm ready to sit at the table with the state, the county, the schools, the partners in the community and say, ‘okay, let's do this together, let's work together.'" Tergin said. "We really need to form those bonds and partnerships and also form our vision as a community."

Tergin said she is also focused on moving the community forward and getting it out of its old ways.

"What I heard the most is that we are not moving forward and were stagnant. I think they know that I'm the leader to move us in a positive direction. I think the vote tonight is clearly that they don't want to stay the same, they want to go in a new positive direction," Tergin said. 

Tergin competed against five other candidates, and finished with approximately 41 percent of the vote. The runner up, Bob Scrivner, finished with 30 percent of the vote.