Casey's Forbids Energy Shots and Pills For Minors

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COLUMBIA - Casey's General Store forbids selling energy shots and pills to minors. Casey's will still sell energy drinks. While other media outlets are reporting as if it is something new that Casey's is doing, Casey's Vice-President Finance and Corporate Secretary Brian Johnson said it is not a new policy at all.

There is no current legal age limit to buy energy drinks in Missouri. 

Johnson said forbidding sales of energy shots and pills to minors is just Casey's operational marketing decision to be a responsible retailer.

"A minor could buy five energy shots and take them all in one setting, consuming it in a matter it's not tended to be consumed," Johnson said. 

Johnson said the policy does not include energy drinks or coffee because an energy drinks has no more caffeine than a cup of coffee. For example, a minor can still buy a can of Monster or Red Bull, but not a shot drink, like Five Hour Energy.

"We don't put a requirement on coffee because you physically don't down five cups of coffee or five cans of energy drinks," Johnson said. "That's basically impossible."  

A Columbia driver told KOMU 8 News that he supports Casey's policy.

"I dont believe any of today's youth needs anything to energize them," Freeman Christian said. "I just feel like there's gonna be health issues later and it's good that they're [Casey's General Store] doing this." 

Columbia has four Casey's Stores. 

Johnson said it didn't feel right to, so they have decided to not sell energy shots and pills to minors since day one.