Cat camera matches future owners with pets

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COLUMBIA – The Central Missouri Humane Society is adding a cat camera to the shelter, allowing people to look at the cat room from their computer and play with cats using a remote laser beam.

The interactive camera and laser will be accessible through the humane society’s website. Michelle Casey, assistant director at the CMHS, says the cat cam has a two-fold purpose.

“It allows people the opportunity to play with the cats from anywhere around the world. I really think this will increase the quality of life for shelter animals," Casey said.

It also gives people who are thinking about adopting a cat a preview into their individual personalities.

“Shelter cats are some of the best pets you’ll ever have,” Casey said. “And they’re looking for best friends too, so I think it’s a great way to match people up.”

More than 30 cats are currently up for adoption. Casey hopes the cat cam will help show people that the felines are great companions.

“We want to really make sure that we recognize and acknowledge that animals can be amazing therapy tools, sometimes more effective than medication and traditional therapy,” she said.

One family in search of a new pet thinks the cat camera would help them pick one to take home.

"I think it's an amazing idea because it would give you a chance to be at home, kind of in sitting in the comfort of your home and see the cats - how they interact," future pet owner Amanda Blank said.

The humane society expects the camera to be fully working in two weeks. Until then, people interested in adoption can see pictures of the animals on CMHS’s website.