Catholic Students Use Newly Issued Laptops

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday marks the first full day Tolton Catholic students can use their newly issued laptops.  Columbia's new Catholic high school opened its doors in the fall and the school gave laptops to all of its students on Friday in an effort to embrace technology.

The students are free to take the laptops home, but the school monitors their use. They are expected to be used for homework and other class-related projects. Tolton Catholic expects the laptop program to encourage its students to be more innovative and experienced with technology.

Freshman Austin Gregory says he wants to be knowledgeable with computers because he wants to study radiology. He thinks the laptops give the students more freedom to work on group projects outside of class, as well as more ways to communicate with teachers.

Bryndyn Crutcher wears many hats at Tolton Catholic. He is a coach, math teacher, and technology coordinator. He says all of the teachers use the laptops in different ways, but everyone is excited to have the new technology.