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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri House Crime Prevention Committee heard testimony Monday over Caylee's Law.  The bill, named for the daughter of Florida murder celebrity Casey Anthony, is under consideration in the Missouri statehouse.

The bill would require parents and guardians to report missing children after 24 hours of the disappearance.  Although committee members agreed on the intention of the bill, many said there are details that need to be worked on before it can be passed.

Rep. Nick Marshall, R-Platte City, said the committee members needs to thoroughly think the bill through before they make legislation out of emotional stances.

"In horrible situations like Caylee Anthony, we respond in knee-jerk ways.  We need to make sure we take the proper measures before we change the criminal law," Marshall said.

Rep. Billy Pat Wright, R-Dexter, proposed a bill to establish Caylee's Law in Missouri. The law was inspired after the controversial acquittal of Casey Anthony, who waited over thirty days to report her child, Caylee Anthony, as missing.