Cell Phone Users Ready for 4G Upgrade

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COLUMBIA - Phone users said Thursday they are ready for an upgrade in the city that would bring faster, "4G" service to the area. AT&T Missouri President John Sondag said earlier this month that the company's merger with T-Mobile should bring 4G service to Columbia sooner. 

Sondag said the mobile provider's towers are equipped for 4G in Columbia now, but it has not switched to the service yet. CenturyLink and AT&T must work together to equip all the fibers for 4G capabilities before the transition can take place.

CenturyLink said it is, "working aggressively with the networks to get 4G here."

T-Mobile tells customers that they can expect 4G in the city within six to eight months, but Sondag's plans for 4G seem to be on a different time line.

He said that residents can definitely expect 4G in the next few years.

Nothing is final yet as the merger is currently in court, but AT&T expects that the deal will be finalized soon.