Central Methodist Linebacker Finds Motivation For On the Field and Off

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FAYETTE, MO -- Before this college football season Central Methodist linebacker Trevor Robinson earned preseason NAIA All-American honors.

The Trevor Robinson you see on the Central Methodist football team now is a changed man.

"Trevor Robinson when he first got here was the Geico Caveman commercial. He was like feed me now. Football," senior Tom Walker said.

"Basically fits the perception pretty well. When I first got here I was a knucklehead," Robinson said.

So Robinson took to the Internet and found a better self.

"I started looking up motivational videos on youtube. I started looking at power of the mind and how that can effect your future," Robinson said.

In particular, he liked what he saw from Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis.

"I don't play this game for wins and losses," Robinson said. "I play this game for hope, faith and love. Right there it just hit me so hard."

And now Robinson is hitting opponents so hard. He's on pace to be the career sack leader at Central Methodist.

"He made nothing but big plays," Walker said. "One time he just Supermaned over a guy that was blocking him. Sacked the quarterback and made him fumble and then recovered the fumble. I don't know how he does it. He's like Superman out there."

It's safe to say Trevor Robinson's gone through a lot of transformation in his life. When he was in high school he was a concert violinist.

"My Sophomore year in HS we took a tour of Europe and I was part of a symphony," Robinson said.

"He played the violin. I have a picture of him. He was like soaking wet 125 pounds," Walker added.

Now he only makes noise on the football field, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

"I'm sure they probably give and test and he's like let's go! That's Trevor. He's gung-ho about life and about everything he does," coach Jody Ford said.

When Robinson was in high school he didn't think he could play in college. Now he's open to the possibility of playing at the next level.

"There's a want to and if I ever get my foot in the door. If I ever get my shot. We'll see what happens," Robinson said.

"We've seen all these guys with the head and shoulders commercials. I'm hoping he can get a deal," Ford said.

You never know, Robinson's already shown an ability to adapt.

"Your are never condemned to one personality. You can always change. You always have a choice," Robinson added.

Robinson already owns the Central Methodist single-season mark for sacks with 11, which was set last season.

He now has 23 career sacks, only two shy of Justin Wisdom's career mark of 25.