Central Methodist University to provide all students with iPads

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FAYETTE – Central Methodist University will launch its multi-million dollar Digital U initiative that will give all students iPads next fall.

CMU started a test program at the beginning of the semester with students majoring in nursing and music. CMU President Roger Drake said the test trial was a success.

“We’re extremely excited about it,” Drake said. “We’re sure that students will see the benefit of getting to learn in the way that they have grown to live.”

Hope Taylor, nursing and health coordinator, said she has already noticed many positives within the nursing program.

“We can now do hands on virtual learning in the classroom setting versus always having to just come down to the lab,” Taylor said.

The university will fully pay for iPad Pros for all of its students. Currently, there are 1,094 students enrolled at CMU.

The Digital U program is designed to enhance the classroom environment and provide new learning opportunities for CMU students.

“It’s going to make learning so much more collaborative, it’s going to open up new pedagogies for our faculty,” Drake said.

CMU classrooms have already added Apple TVs to pair along with the iPads. The addition of both allow for interactive lectures and presentations. Furthermore, the increased technology will make hard-copy textbooks no longer as necessary.

Drake said over 40 percent of CMU students qualify for federal assistance, while 29 percent of CMU students are first generation.

“Students come to campus bringing different levels of technology. So with Digital U, it levels the playing field for everyone,” Drake said.

All CMU students will receive their iPads prior to the start of the 2018 fall semester.