Central Missouri Humane Society holds adoption event

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COLUMBIA - Sunday rounded off the end of an adoption weekend at the Central Missouri Humane Society.

According to the organization's Facebook page, 27 animals found homes over the weekend.

Shelter managers said you should ask yourself a few questions before adopting a pet:

  • Do I live in a place that will allow me to have the animal I want?
  • Do i have enough time to devote to that animal?
  • Do i have the financial resources to provide for the animal?

One organization coordinator said the coming months will be the busiest at the shelter.  Even if you can't adopt, there are other ways to help.

"We get a lot more kittens," said Brooke Dickerson, Foster Care Coordinator. "So if you're interested in fostering an animal, wanting to bottle feed a baby kitten or help a mom until they're big enough to be adopted, filling out a foster application for us would be wonderful."

Dickerson said the best way to learn more about the program is to stop by the location in Columbia or visit the organization's Facebook page.