Central Missouri Humane Society Host \"Pup Crawl\" Saturday Night

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COLUMBIA - The horses at the Kentucky Derby aren't the only animals getting special attention this weekend. The Central Missouri Humane Society is hosting its first ever "Pup Crawl" fundraiser Saturday evening. The organization partnered with local restaurants, bars and retail stores in downtown in Columbia. All net proceeds go to the organization. Shelter Coordinator Colin LaVaute said these fundraisers help keep the organization up and running.

"Events like this are extremely pertinent to keep the shelter running. Fundraisers and donations comprise nearly about 40 percent of our budget so whenever we have this much community support to make a big event happen, so it's great to see their help," LaVaute said.

Wristbands cost $10 to get free cover for more than 20 bars in town,starting at 7 p.m. They can be purchased at any participating bars and restaurants. The organization also worked public transportation, offering discounted taxi rides and free bus transports within The District. Retail stores offer discount on clothing, shoes, and apparel.