Central Missouri Humane Society Offers Spay/Neuter Vouchers

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society offered free spay and neuter vouchers at their facility Monday to anybody wanting to take the initiative in curbing the over-population of animals. The vouchers are only valid for operations performed at the Central Missouri Humane Society.

Shelter Relations Coordinator Colin LaVaute called the event a call to action. He said, "Today we initiated a call to action in the community, "Just One Day, Won't You Spay?". In which, the Department of Public Health came down and are giving away vouchers for free spays and neuters at our clinic."

According to LaVaute, the shelter had 100 vouchers provided by the Department of Public Health and if they ran out, they would switch to vouchers that they had produced.

This is the first time that the Humane Society has done an event like this. Officials didn't expect the large turnout they recieved. LaVaute said of the turnout, "We figured we'd have a crowd but man, this is just over the top and we're all really happy about it."

This event comes during a busy time of year for the Central Missouri Humane Society. During the summer animal intake increases greatly.  Based on the success of Monday's event, the Humane Society is considering holding a similar one next year.

You can visit the Humane Society's webpage here.