Central Missouri Humane Society Promotes Program for Feral Cat Day

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society is honoring National Feral Cat Day on Tuesday by reminding the community of the services they offer in support of homeless felines.

Spay, Neuter, and Protect (SNAP) of Mid-Missouri is a program that offers spay and neutering services for free to citizens who take in feral cats living on their property.

The SNAP program has been in place for almost a year, but LaVaute said the shelter has seen less than ten people use the service to spay or neuter feral cats.

"I think it's important that we get the word out," Shelter Relations Coordinator Colin LaVaute said.

LaVaute hopes that community awareness of the services they offer will help increase the number of feral cats who are spayed or neutered.

"It's the first step for us to act as a community and taking efforts to try and curve pet over-population in Mid-Missouri," LaVaute said.

Another program the CMHS offers is its Barnyard Special, where it offers a reduced price on the spay and neuter services for groups of three or more animals.