Central Missouri Humane Society waiving adoption fees this weekend

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COLUMBIA - All weekend the Central Missouri Humane Society is encouraging people to come adopt animals. The humane society has waived adoption fees this weekend. 

After a recent fire, 31 cats and dogs were brought to the shelter this past week.

The shelter is 100 animals over capacity and is currently relying on foster homes to support the animals temporarily. 

Michelle Casey, the humane society's associate director, said the animals are all ready families to adopt them.

"All of the animals adopted today will be spayed and neutered prior to adoption," Casey said. "They will all be micro-chipped, up-to-date on vaccinations. You get a free bag of food with the adoption and you get a free visit to the veterinarian."

Alex Chilton fosters cats. She was at the event to support the shelter and encourage people to adopt. 

She said she fosters cats in hopes she can help them find a permanent home one day.

"It's nice to bring cats back to health that otherwise wouldn't really have a chance," she said.

Chilton said the best part of fostering cats is always being surprised with a new cat that needs help. 

"It's always someone new and getting to meet new people every day. You maybe get a new cat every couple of months," she said.

The event continues through Sunday and the shelter said it still has a lot of cats and dogs that still need to be adopted. 

"Our staff works really hard throughout the year and this is a very difficult job at times and it's incredibly rewarding on days like this where we get to send a lot of animals to homes and it's just a great way to end the year," Casey said.

In a Facebook post Saturday evening, the humane society said it had placed 54 pets into new homes.