Central Missouri roadside assistance is up in summer months

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COLUMBIA - More central Missouri drivers are requiring roadside assistance in June and July.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Corporal Scott White said Troop F has already assisted 214 motorists in June. He said this number is high.

White found that in November of 2014, which he said is usually a busy month for roadside assistance due to weather and holiday travel, Troop F assisted 162 motorists.

"So, even though there's not a major holiday in June, those numbers are pretty high, they're up there during the summer months," White said.

White said July of 2014 was also a busy month, with Troop F assisting 231 motorists, and he expects the same for this July. He said the high numbers could possibly be due to the summer heat causing car troubles, and more drivers are on the roads during these months.

"When you have more volume of motorists, you're going to have more volume of incidents," he said.

Tiger Towing owner David DeBates said the number of calls his business receives goes up in July. "As it heats up, and students start filing back in, it gets pretty busy," he said.

He said in July, Tiger Towing usually takes around 20 to 25 calls a day.

With Fourth of July coming up, DeBates said Tiger Towing is preparing for a busy weekend. "We'll have a third guy on," he said. "There is more accidents, so if that's the case, we would have three drivers we could send out if need be."

DeBates said most towing companies have time frame contracts with insurance companies to respond to drivers within 30 to 45 minutes. He said on busy days, however, towing companies can't always get there on time.

In those cases, DeBates said the number one priority should be to stay safe, especially if broken down on the highway. He said if the tow truck takes more than 30 minutes he would recommend calling a different company.