Centralia Citizens Show Concerns of Police Chief

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CENTRALIA- The city council chambers Monday night were filled with Centralia residents, former police officers and their families who are upset with the police chief, Larry Dudgeon.

Dudgeon has been police chief since 2007. Since then, three officers say they were forced to resign and two others were terminated.

Former officers spoke before the council with testimony that they feel they were wrongfully fired, and that the police department has negatively changed since he has become Chief.

Dudgeon was not at the meeting, nor was he available for questioning at the police department.

One of those terminations was the Assistant Chief of Police, Paul Morgan. Morgan's wife, Melinda, says her husband was let go because he brought to light issues regarding Dudgeon, including allegations of sexual harrassment.

Morgan was asked to turn in his resignation, but he refused because he didn't feel he did anything wrong. A number of people spoke out against Chief Dudgeon at Monday's meeting. Melinda Morgan says the protests will continue until there is change.

A couple city officials that spoke to KOMU said they weren't concerned about the allegations.