Centralia Father and Son in Court for Rape Case

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HUNTSVILLE - A father and son from Centralia had hearings Monday concerning charges of child molestation and displaying a deadly weapon while committing statuory rape and sodomy.

Billy Burton, 43 was scheduled for his arraignment and his son, Joseph Burton, 25, was scheduled for a preliminary hearing. Billy Burton's arraignment will take place August 25, where he will plead guilty or not guilty. Joseph Burton's preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 22.

Monday's hearing was scheduled after the judge decided at an earlier hearing on July 18 that both defendants needed their own attorney.

Previously, both Burtons were being represented by Eric Phelps. Phelps still represents Billy Burton, but Joseph Burton is now represented by Ian Hauptli.

The Burtons also confessed to years of rape, dating back to 1999. The alleged victims were nine and thirteen years old at the time. 

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