Centralia woman makes home-made masks amid COVID-19 pandemic

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CENTRALIA- A mid-Missouri woman is making face masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Tara Mathews took the idea from a hospital in Seattle, Washington that was asking the community for fabric masks. The hospital wanted the masks to use on people with compromised immune systems.

"They were low on supplies and the masks could help," Mathews said. "This is what gave me the idea of a way I could help our community, which lead me to the Facebook group for Columbia."

The Facebook group allows people in the community to post if they're in need of any cleaning or medical supplies.

Mathews became part of this group to let people know about the masks she's making.

Jodi Street, Mathews mother, says she is proud of the work her daughter is doing to help the community.

"You see community coming together when there is crisis," Street said. "I see a lot of people offering to get groceries and placing them at their doorstep for people who might not be able to get out."

Mathews said she's willing to make the masks for nursing homes or anyone who's in need at no cost.

Editor's Note: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on their website that those who are sick should wear a facemask when they are around other people and before entering a health care provider's office. Also, if you are caring for someone who is not able to wear a mask, then people who live in the home should stay in a different room. When caregivers enter the room of the sick person, they should wear a face mask.