CFD Cameras

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COLUMBIA- State-of-the-art technology is coming to the Columbia Fire Department, and improving many facets that help firefighters do their jobs.

CPD purchased 18 new thermal cameras for $112,675, this money came from selling old fire trucks, said Assistant Fire Chief Brad Fraizer.

The process for replacing the outdated cameras CFD used to use was a long and thorough one.

Almost a year ago, Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Tillman began looking into upgrading the cameras for CFD. He invited in several companies and eventually purchased new cameras from the company Bullard.

CFD thought it was time to replace these outdated cameras for several different reasons.

“They just were not lasting long at all, we were having to refurbish them frequently, which was becoming more costly for the department,” Tillman said.

Tillman says the new cameras have an increased battery life, weigh less, have a better image quality, turn on quicker and have a five year warranty. This warranty will cut costs on paying for camera maintenance.

Tillman says these cameras will increase how quick a firefighter can search a fire.

“Really helps us to be able to have multiple cameras in the fire at the same time, so we're able to search the building really quickly and see if we can find, number one, the seat of the fire and, number two, if there are any victims in there," Tillman said.

These cameras can be used for applications outside of fighting fires like hazardous materials, spills on waterways and more.

Tillman believes CFD to be “on the top” of thermal-imaging camera technology right now.