Chamber of Commerce Hosts Haunted History Walk

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Chamber of Commerce hosted its first annual Haunted History Walk Thursday evening.

Participants took a tour on a Tiger Trolley around town to four "haunted" historic locations including Senior Hall at Stephens College, Launer Auditorium at Columbia College, the MU Chancellor's home and the Museum of Art and Archeology.

"Somebody metioned there were a lot of haunted places in Columbia so we thought it might be nice to do a haunted history walk," said Mike Meltone, the co-chair of the Chamber's events committee.

Each location provided an entertaining way of sharing the stories of the ghosts that are said to haunt each building.

"The ghost of Senior Hall is supposed to be a heartbroken lover and supposedly she walks the upstairs part of Senior Hall everynight," Meltone said.

Meltone says they hope to host the event again next year.