Chancellor Honors 4-H Staff

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COLUMBIA - 4-H members and staff gathered Friday at MU's old alumni center to celebrate their work this year. They honored 500 faculty who help the 4-H Center for Youth Development connect kids to MU.

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton and Vice Provost for Extension Michael Ouart thanked 4-H members for their work.

Deaton said 4-H influenced him to have strong values and work in education. "Because of 4-H club when I was living about a mile off a gravel road in eastern Kentucky, I have been sitting in counsels with secretary of state (Hillary) Clinton and various prominent members of government to help shape these decisions going forward in today's world," said Deaton.

Ouart spoke about recent studies that prove 4-H members are twice as likely to go to college and contribute to their communities. Ouart said none of this would be possible without 4-H partners.

The celebration, "A Tribute to Our Partners," is part of national 4-H week, which began on Oct. 7. One in four Missourians between age four and 18 participated in an MU-Extension 4-H program this year.

Director of 4-H Ina Linville said the MU 4-H brings 85 hundred youth to campus each year through conferences, events and camps.

"We have a steady growth in the state of Missouri so we are proud of that and that's because I think families are looking for a quality experience for their children," said Linville.

Linville said one goal for next year is to encourage students to go on to higher education.

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