Change Your Oil Every 3000 MIles? Think Again

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COLUMBIA - Every 3,000 miles or three months is the traditional standard for getting an oil change, but for some car manufacturers, the mileage and amount of time between changes is extending.  

"You'll find a number of automotive manufacturers who are recommending oil changes to go beyond 3,000 miles," MU engineering Associate Dean of Research Noah Manring said.  "3,000 miles has been the standard, historical standard, on most of our vehicles. Many manufacturers are still using that. Some other manufacturers, like Toyota, do not use that. I think they've extended that to 5,000 miles."  

Manring said engineering developments have led to improvements in lubricants and machine technology.  These improvements make for fewer oil changes needed, but car owners should still refer to their car manuals for individual standards.   

"People should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, because those manufacturers have done extensive studies as to what the life of the machinery ought to be under certain oil condition," Manring said.  

Automotive service manager Bill Rosenburg said the 3,000 mile rule is still a good rule to follow.

"I have a Honda Accord that's got over 300,000 miles and I faithfully change the oil every 3,000 miles," Rosenburg said.  "I plan on putting over 500,000 miles on it, but you've got to faithfully change the oil."

Rosenburg also recommends checking oil levels routinely, checking tire pressure and getting the tires rotated in preparation for winter weather.