Chappelle-Nadal recieves unknown envelope

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Missouri senator received a scare on Thursday after getting an envelop with an unknown substance leaking out of it.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal took to twitter to let the public know her reaction:

"There's an ongoing investigation into the mysterious envelope delivered to my office. I remain very thankful to our first responders and capitol police. Let me be clear, the coward that sent the envelope made a grave mistake. There's no way in Hell I will be intimidated by a fool."

Later in the day, several Missouri senators held a press conference in response to the envelope.

Journalists were allowed to ask questions one they were moved to the Senate mezzanine.

According to Senate Administrator Patrick Baker, the envelope arrived during mid-morning on Thursday. The Cole County Hazmat team was called in later that day.

The team is not yet sure if the substance leaking from the envelope is harmful, but they have discovered it is not water-soluble.

As of Thursday, Senator Chappelle-Nadal has been moved to a different office to continue her work.