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JEFFERSON CITY – The Xchange Boutique of Jefferson City will look to raise money for the Samaritan Center in the capitol this Friday. 

The local store will hold a big sale on all its merchandise with a unique twist. Tina Cole, managing partner at Xchange Boutique, said customers can come in as early as 6 a.m., pay 10 dollars for a shopping bag and are allowed to stuff it with as much merchandise as possible.

“We’ve done the Stuff-a-Bag fundraiser since we opened in 2009,” she said. “We just decided to do it as a fundraiser this past July and it went over well, so we decided all of our Stuff-a-Bag sales will be for a charity.”

The boutique will present a 1000-dollar check to the Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson City Friday morning from its July fundraiser.

Erin Gieck, a partner with the Xchange Boutique, said customers can help an important cause with the shopping bag purchase.

“Five of the ten dollars will go to the Samaritans Center,” she said. “This will start at 6 a.m. and go till noon.”

The Samaritan Center of Jefferson City offers a variety of services ranging from food and clothing to utilities assistance and special programs for children.

Gieck said they have similar goals for this event.

“I think $1,000 was great, so I would love to be able to raise $1,000 again.”

Cole also owns Try Fitness Studio, which is right next door to the boutique, and she said that is where the actual Stuff-a-Bag sale will take place. The Knights of Columbus in Jefferson City will donate about 20 tables for the boutique bag sale.

Gieck said common things the store will offer a lot of women’s clothing such as jeans and dresses, as well as shoes, purses and other fashion accessories.

In addition to the bag sale, customers can find many sales and discounts on items in the store. Starting at 6 a.m., all clothing and shoes in the store will be 50 percent off. From 7-8 a.m., discounts will be 40 percent and from 8-9 a.m. discounts fall to 30 percent off. Finally, from 9 a.m. to close, everything will be 20 percent off.