Chase raises awareness of speeds through neighborhood

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BOONE COUNTY - A Boone County resident is worried about cars going too fast through a neighborhood following a car chase. 

Cedric Gordon watched with his son Sunday as Boone County deputies chased 25-year-old Sherman Collins through Gordon's neighborhood. Gordon said the speeds he saw were way to fast, especially considering how many children play in the street.

"The cars that normally go through here fast are going about 40, they were going at least 50 through here and it was a little bit ridiculous," Gordon said. 

The Boone County Sheriff's Department media release said deputies were chasing the suspect at moderate speeds, but Gordon says that was not the case.

"I was here, I witnessed it, the speed was not moderate," Gordon said. "They were going so fast it smelled like rubber was being burned. I didn't see any marks on the road but rubber was being burned. I pulled up two minuets after they rolled by and you could still smell it. It was terrible."

Gordon said he thinks that when deputies are trying to catch a suspect, higher speeds are almost understandable, but speed is a problem around the clock in that neighborhood.

"We have a lot of younger people around here and I think they are pretty careless," Gordon said. "You should be going through here 15 or 20 miles per hour and they are going through here maybe 40 miles per hour. It does not take more than a second for something bad to happen."

He said there are an average of two children per house who all play on the street, and if they had stepped out in front of the chase, it would have been bad. Gordon said putting speed bumps on the street would help the overall speeding problem.