Cheap gas impacting delivery costs

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COLUMBIA - Cheap gas prices in and around mid-Missouri are allowing for some cheaper delivery costs this holiday season. reports gas prices around central Missouri are about $2.59 for a gallon of regular unleaded. That's 32 cents less than the national average, which is $2.91.

With gas prices as low as they have been in a little over three years, the cost of shipping some items is also down.

Local businesses that use shipping as a major part of their sales are expecting the savings not only to help themselves, but also consumers.

Tina Bradley, the master designer of Allen's Flowers, said the company used to offer free shipping on all of its deliveries when gas was extremely cheap decades ago.

Recently, gas prices have been too high to absorb those costs, but she said now that fuel prices are low again, consumers might see more savings.

"Whatever it costs us we pass on to the client, of course," she said. "So, if we can save money on flowers, we certainly pass that on to our customers."

Anna Coleman, associate manager of Muse Clothing, said that cheaper shipping allows the store to price apparel at a cheaper price for the buyer, yet still at a point where the business is making money.

Coleman also mentioned how popular online shopping is in today's age and said that the cheaper gas prices will help make the shipping process easier.

Bradley said Allen's began charging for delivery in the last 10 years. Back in 2007, gas prices in Missouri went above $3 a gallon and skyrocketed to nearly $4 a gallon.

She hopes the prices continue to drop to increase everybody's savings.