Cheatum Found Guilty of All Three Counts

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COLUMBIA - The man accused of murdering Jefferson City resident Anthony Unger was found guilty by jury Thursday after two days of trial. 

Domionte Cheatum, 21, of Kansas City, was found guilty of first degree robbery, second degree murder and armed criminal action.

Cheatum was accused of fatally shooting Unger at a laundromat near the Walmart on Conley Road in Columbia in June 2013.

The closing arguments were at 4 p.m. Thursday and four hours later the jury entered the courtroom with the verdict.

Following the verdict's announcement, Cheatum's family and friends present at the verdict began screaming and shouting, causing an uproar in the courtroom. Police officers and marshals quickly gathered around the upset family members to keep them inside the courtroom. Cheatum's mother continued to shout "That's my baby" and asked the officers to let her out. Another man threated a police officer. 

Prosecutors said Cheatum shot Unger after he attempted to rob him for marijuana. The defense argued Cheatum was not the killer, but rather Samuel Butler was the murderer. Butler faces the same charges as Cheatum. Butler took the stand Wednesday, and afterward the defense claimed his testimony was not true.

Butler's trial is scheduled to begin on July 2, 2014.