Cheerleading gym destroyed by tornado

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JEFFERSON CITY- During the chaos of the tornado in Jefferson City, one cheerleading and "American Ninja Warrior" gym got torn apart. The Capitol City Cheerleading gym's entire front wall and a good portion of the roofing was destroyed when the tornado directly hit the gym. 

The owner of the gym was inside and took cover in a bathroom when the tornado hit. 

"I remember thinking, 'OK, there is definitely some damage. I can hear it. And I can feel it. Like the air was coming underneath, and you could feel that there was fresh air coming into the building. But I didn't imagine this," said Ron Swanson. 

"It has been very overwhelming. We got a lot of stuff done today that I never would have imagined because there were people here to help out. So the community has been a huge part of our day. And I can't tell you how grateful I am for them."

Swanson said the gym had 20 to 30 different volunteers assisting in the clean up process.