Chelsea Clinton visits Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Chelsea Clinton toured Missouri campaigning on behalf of her mother, Hillary Clinton, Monday, one day before the state's presidential primary election.

Chelsea Clinton spoke to a 'working mom's roundtable' at the United Cerebral Palsy Child Development Center in Columbia. Some of the topics included early childhood education and health care reform.

Chelsea, who is pregnant with her second child, said this is the most important election she has voted in.

"I didn't know I could care anymore about politics until I became a parent, and realize that whomever we elect plays such a profound role in shaping the country, the world and the future that I want my children and their generation to be able to grow up in," she said.

Heather Demand, lead pre-school teacher at the development center, said the issues hit home for her because she gave birth to two babies who were three months premature.

"I think it's of major importance to start children from the beginnings on and not wait until they've already formed a lot of their brains," Demand said. "We need early childhood across the board."

Chelsea Clinton said her mother, the Democratic front runner, has been working on such issues for more than 30 years.

"These are fights that my mom has been engaged in, many for longer than I've been alive," Chelsea Clinton said, "And that matters to me."

Chelsea Clinton was also scheduled to make stops in Clayton and at Hillary For America's headquarters in St. Louis.