China Hub Is Unlikely To Pass, Even With Name Change

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JEFFERSON CITY - The biggest reason to call a Special Session is now little more than a bureaucratic joke.

The Missouri House of Representatives has changed the name of China Hub from Aerotropolis to The Missouri Export Act. Many lawmakers don't understand the name change, but said that it doesn't change the content of the bill.

Both Democratic Representative Chris Kelly and Republican Representative John Diehl said that the name change doesn't matter. Diehl added that he and other lawmakers see flaws with the bill. He said it was unlikely for China Hub to pass both the House and Senate during this special session.

The China Hub bill is the reason Governor Nixon called lawmakers back to Jefferson City for the special session. And now, as Missouri taxpayers are paying lawmakers each almost $100 per day, the bill seems to be stalled.

The bill started with four parts, including tax credits for exports and tax incentives to construct warehouses. The original bill totaled $360 million but is now only $60 million.

The House Economic Development committee meets Wednesday to vote on the bill, and if passed, move to the house floor by Thursday. Then, if the bill is passed in the House, the Senate could see the bill as early as Friday.