Chinese restaurant reopens two days after dead person was found inside

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COLUMBIA - ABC Chinese Cuisine reopened Wednesday following an investigation and clean-up after a person was found dead inside of the restaurant Monday morning.

Columbia Police Department's public information officer Jeff Pitts said the case is being treated as a criminal investigation, and there are no updates.

The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services required the restaurant to repair the ceiling and thoroughly clean the floors. The report was marked as completed Wednesday.

ABC's owner, Ming Sum Wong, said the repairs were finished Tuesday.

Wong said he believes a man broke into an exterior door to a room that connects to the restaurant. He believes the man climbed into the crawlspace and then fell through the ceiling into the back corner of the kitchen.

Wong said he believes CPD is making progress on the case.

“I think they will know after today,” he said Wednesday.  

ABC Chinese Cuisine regular Charlie Veel said he feels sorry for the restaurant staff, but the burglary won’t stop him from coming.

“Me personally, I’ll still continue to come here as long as the food’s still great, and as long as they're as wonderful as they are now,” said Veel.

Wong said the restaurant traffic was slow today, but that a lot of his customers called to share their sympathy and order food for pickup.

“They will come back, they love this restaurant. They like my food, that’s for sure,” he said.