Chipotle Thanks Loyal Customers for the Past 20 Years

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COLUMBIA - 40,560 is the number of free burritos Chipotle may be giving out during a competition that begins this weekend.

Today marked the 20th Anniversary of the Chipotle Mexican Grill franchise.  In celebration of that the company is hosting an event called "Adventurrito: Celebrating 20 Burritoful Years."  Starting today, for the next 20 days, players of the contest can randomly be choosen to win a year of free burritos or 52 burritos (one per week, which ever comes first).  Then on the final day there is a chance for 20 more people to win 20 years of free burritos. 

Let's do some math...The winners from the first 19 days of compitition alone add up to 19,760 burritos.  Then after adding the winners who will recieve 20 years of free food, the total comes out to 40,560 free burritos.  That's a lot of free food for one business to give out!

General Manager of the Chipotle on Ninth Street, Chris Lambert said, "You're not gonna hurt Chipotle at all.  We have plenty of loyal customers and we just look at this as a great way to give back because our customers have given us so much over the years especially now that we have been open 20 years now.  "

He continued to say, "They (the customers) have given us so much, Why can't we give some back to the customer?  That's really what it comes down to. Saying thank you to the customer for helping us and keeping us alive for 20 years. "

They hope to see the business grow and flourish even more than it already has in the future.