Chocolate crawl is tasty celebration of Valentine's Day

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ROCHEPORT - Wintery weather did not stop people from going to Rocheport for the first "Chocolate Affair Chocolate Crawl" Saturday. 

For $5, attendees could sample chocolaty treats from several different businesses in town. 

Brandon Vair, the owner of Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport, said festivals and crawls like the chocolate crawl are good for business during the tourism off-season. 

"We try to drum up business when tourism isn't so high," Vair said. "Obviously there isn't much happening in February, and there's only one holiday, besides President's Day, and that's Valentine's Day and people usually come out culinarily. They are out looking for restaurants. We're offering something for your sweetheart before the holiday."

There was no shortage of chocolate to be found. Each business offered different treats to customers. Meriwether had a hot chocolate bar, Whitehorse Antiques had chocolate chip cookies and Rocky Port had a chocolate fountain. 

Kendra Lane said the chocolate crawl was her first time in Rocheport.

"This town is adorable," Lane said. "We absolutely love it. There's so much to do and no two stores are the same. I think they need to keep having different crawls and stuff for us to come out and see."

Lane said she and her husband have visited every store they could in Rocheport and the weather was not going to stop them.

Meredith Hill and her husband say they come to Rocheport often, and the chocolate crawl provided a unique experience.

"I'm pregnant, so I'm always looking for fun little things for us to do that doesn't require drinking," Hill said. "This was such a cute little thing for a Saturday, we couldn't pass it up. And, we both love chocolate so it was perfect."

Vair said Rocheport is famous for its winery, but the town is more than just wine.

"People think Rocheport is just at the top of the hill. You have to come down the hill and really see the town and everything it has to offer," Vair said.

If you missed the chocolate crawl, Rocheport has several more crawls and festivals scheduled in spring and summer.