Chocolate Prices Increase Nationwide

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COLUMBIA - A recent cocoa shortage has caused a price increase in chocolate bars across the nation.

The price of cocoa butter has increased 63 percent in the past year and a half, as well as whole milk powder which rose more than 20 percent. But Amy Atkinson, manager of the Candy Factory, has not seen an increase in their products.

"Despite chocolate prices raising nationwide, we have kept our Halloween speciality items at the same as they were offered last year," Atkinson said.

Not only has the Candy Factory kept their prices stagnant, but several managers at Mosers Grocery told KOMU 8 News their prices have not increased either, and have even seen a slight jump in business.

Atkinson said the Candy Factory wants to keep its prices as competitve as possible despite the nationwide increase.

"From time to time we do have to raise our prices, but we do try to keep it competitive for something that's so special," Atkinson said.

Walmart and Hyvee both refused to comment about their chocolate prices and whether they did increase or not.