Church offers free seminar on money management

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COLUMBIA – Shiloh Christian Worship Center held a free money management seminar for church and community members Saturday morning.

The church partnered with Love INC, an organization that provides resources to help people get out of poverty, to teach community members about monitoring spending, building their credit and living on a budget.

“You never know when an emergency is going to come or when you are going to need to have funds to spend,” event organizer Kathy Davenport said.

She said the church wanted to host the event because it saw a need in the community.

“Looking at signs of the times with prices of food going up, rent going up, just thinking about all of the prices of things that are increasing in our community, sometimes we need to learn how to budget,” Davenport said. “When it comes time that things are tight, we’ll be able to rely on the tips and tricks that we learned and put into the practice instead of trying to learn in that time of emergency.”

In addition to the presentation by Love INC, attendees also shared experiences and ideas about managing finances. Davenport said she hopes those who were at the event left with a new tip or idea they can use to make their financial situation better.

“There is that old saying, if you teach a person to fish instead of giving them the fish every day, then we are teaching them to take care of themselves,” Davenport said. “My philosophy is if you can just reach one person and you can make a change in one person’s life, that one person will make a change in another person’s life.”