Church raises over $430,000 for Missouri families with medical debt

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COLUMBIA - The Crossing hosted a fundraiser where they raised over $430,000 for Missouri families suffering from medical debt in over 31 counties. They partnered with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that sells off debt one penny to the dollar. RIP Medical Debt was then able to turn The Crossing’s fundraiser into $43 million of debt relief. 

This fundraiser is for families with medical debt that are making less than two times the poverty rate.

“People with medical debt live under the crushing weight of knowing that they are never going to get out from underneath it, their credit rating is devastated and it’s hard to get even a loan,” The Crossing pastor Keith Simon said.

Elizabeth McKinney, a donor to this fundraiser, said medical debt is something most people can't imagine having. 

“Having known people who have walked through medical debt, the stress of living under that affects everything,” McKinney said. 

Amaris Worstell, a member of The Crossing said “I just knew this would be a life changing thing.”

RIP Medical Debt will not give The Crossing names of the people being forgiven of their medical debt due to privacy reasons.

Austin Sanders, sales manager for Clear One Advantage, a debt specialist company, said that if you find yourself in medical financial hardship, going to a debt management program is an option. 

“I recommend everyone to look over all their options to make the best decisions for yourself and your family,” Sanders said.