Church Robbery

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COLE COUNTY - Seventeen year-old Jared Hayes is being charged with three felonies. The Cole County Sheriff's department charged Hayes with two counts of felony burglary and one count of felony destruction of property for damages that occurred Monday night at Cornerstone Baptist Church just west of Jefferson City.

Cole County Sheriff Greg White said Hayes is not a member of the church but had been in the church before. The Sheriff's report this afternoon said Hayes admitted he broke into the church and caused all of the property damage.

"The individual tore things off the wall, did blue spray painting on walls, carpeting, floors, glass doors, and stopped up the plumbing, turned the water on and let it run and flood the place," White said.

According to the Sheriff's report, Hayes allegedly did this out of anger. The report said he was "upset because of the way he has been treated by friends recently, so he took his anger out on the church property."

White estimates the damages will total about $20,000.