Cicadas Population Not at its Peak

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COLUMBIA - In mid-Missouri, the thirteen year curse is upon us, or at least that's way some people look at the large number of cicadas crawling around outside. A thirteen year cycle has a large number of the bugs emerging from the ground.

According to MU professor Bruce Barrett, you might think there are a lot out there already but many more are coming. The cooler weather actually hampered the cicadas from making an arrival.

"With warmer weather, they will really start to come out," he said.

Barrett said in mid-Missouri, you could expect to see tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand in an area at a time.

Not everything about a cicada is harmless. The manner in which females lay eggs can sometimes damage trees.

"Sometimes on smaller, newly planted landscape trees or small fruit trees, that type of damage can be considerable," said Barrett.

Barrett recommends nets to help cover these smaller trees.