Cities of Fulton and Holts Summit team up for retail development

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CALLAWAY COUNTY- The cities of Fulton and Holts Summit have teamed up to bring in new retail providers for both cities.

They have been individually discussing hiring an outside consultant to conduct surveys with existing businesses and citizens to determine where they lack the necessary establishments.

The consultant, Retail Coach, will look into the cities’ population, socioeconomic income, education, and more.

City administrators felt it would be most cost efficient to form a partnership in finding a consultant.

The cities reached an agreement with Retail Coach in late November. The deal with Retail Coach will cost a total of $35,000 to be split evenly between each city.

Brian Crane, a city administrator with Holts Summit, said both cities will gain more than just new places to shop.

“The new retail developments will create job opportunities and will bring in more sales tax which funds our infrastructure.” Crane said.

Bill Johnson, director of administration for Fulton, said the cities have different needs.

“Holts Summit’s needs for new retail are different from Fulton’s needs for retail so we don’t believe there’s going to be any competition between the two communities at all.” Johnson said.

The deal with Retail Coach is for one year with the option to renew.