Citizens Police Review Board meets amid protests

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COLUMBIA - The Citizens Police Review Board met Wednesday, in the middle of a very controversial week for Columbia's police. Leading up to the meeting, two separate groups were protesting outside city hall.

One group was in support of police, while the other group was against the Columbia Police Officer Association's (CPOA) Facebook post about Officer Darren Wilson earlier this week.

A few of the protestors went inside to listen to part of the review board meeting; however, the board didn't even mention the post.

The board's chairman, Jim Martin, said it was because the group only handles specific issues like police misconduct and policy. He said nobody sent a formal complaint about the post to the board, so it wasn't obligated to talk about the post. 

"We didn't talk about that because under the ordinances we're supposed to deal with specific things, like police misconduct," Martin said. 

Martin also said the board didn't want to get involved in any controversies, and that the controversy over the post is between the city manager and the police officer association. 

A guest speaker at the meeting gave a presentation about citizen-police interactions, but it wasn't directly related to the police officer association's post or relations between Columbia residents and its police officers.