Citizens Review Board to Talk Police at Planned Parenthood

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COLUMBIA - The Citizens Police Review Board will be talking about police presence at Planned Parenthood Wednesday night. 40 Days for Life, an anti-abortion group, is asking the board to consider having security guards at Columbia's Planned Parenthood instead of off-duty police officers in uniform. The campaign director of 40 Days for Life, Kathy Forck, said having a police officer in uniform makes women feel more pressured to obey the police officer when he or she comes to escort the woman inside for an abortion. Forck went on to say that if it were a security guard instead, women would feel as though they have more of a choice.

Michelle Trupiano, the media representative from Planned Parenthood, said off duty police officers are hired and told they can wear their uniforms. However, those officers are paid through Planned Parenthood, instead of the city.