City Air Service Guarantee Fund Not Needed for 12 Straight Months

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Regional Airport announced this week for the 12th month in a row, the airport has not needed to tap into the Air Service Revenue Guarantee fund provided by the city.

When American Airlines began service from Columbia on Feb. 14, 2013, the fund became available each month. Several private businesses and various governmental entities in Columbia contributed to the fund that would account for a lack of business for American Airlines. After the first month of business, the city reported the fund paid $22,562 to American, but the airline hasn't needed the help since.

According to Columbia Public Works, 43,178 people got on flights at Columbia Regional Airport in 2013. Public Works also reported 43,630 got off planes at the airport. Those numbers are up from 2012. The city reported in 2012, 38,687 people got on flights at the airport and 38,499 got off flights.

Currently, the airport offers two nonstop flights a day to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport and one nonstop flight a day to Chicago O'Hare. A second nonstop flight to Chicago will begin April 2.