City Asks Homeowners to Pick up Fallen Branches

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COLUMBIA - Trees branches were all over roadways and yards Wednesday after heavy storms in the morning.

The Columbia Public Works Street Division had received over 20 reports of fallen trees throughout the area since 3 a.m. when the storm began. Public Works Public Information Specialist Steven Sapp expected the number to rise as the day went on.

"We had about twenty-one reports this morning that came in directly to Public Works, and so we took care of those," Sapp said. "We suspect that as the crews route about they probably found or ran across a few more, so as those crews report back in late this afternoon they'll probably add those to the list."

Although public works crews will remove most trees that are reported, they will not remove trees from yards.

"We will clean up that debris if it's on a ride-away or an easement that's blocking the sidewalk or blocking the roadways or something like that," Sapp said. "Now if you have a tree down in your backyard or something like that, unfortunately it does fall to the property owner to take care of that."

Sapp calls the crews who remove the fallen trees a talented bunch. The crews that remove trees from the streets are the same crews that are responsible for snow removal and street cleaning.