City Council Amends and Approves Subdivision Ordinance

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COLUMBIA - The City Council approved four amendments Tuesday night to the ordinance regarding the new subdivision to be built near Rock Bridge Memorial Park. The amended proposal was then approved by a 5-2 vote.

The ordinance amendments require developers to revise the plan for the subdivision and will now allow the company to build on a maximum of 15 percent impervious land. The ordinance previously allowed the company to build on 23 percent impervious land, which is ground where water can not pass through.

Developers must now make necessary alterations to fit the new requirements and get them approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Once revised and approved, the proposal will return to city council for approval.

The neighborhood will be half a mile south of the Providence, Route K, and Old Plank Road intersection and will be called "Parkside Estates." The proposed subdivision plan currently has 65 total units. Originally, the plan called for 73 lots, but after talking with Missouri State Parks personnel, the company revised the plan.

Those who oppose the plan argue the new neighborhood will harm the natural landscaping and wildlife in the park. Officials said they worry about the effects of the run-off, air pollution, light pollution. and noise pollution on the park.