City Council Approves Transmission Line Project

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia City Council voted on the route selection for the electric transmission line project Monday night.

The majority of the council members agreed on Option A for the route to connect the new Mill Creek Substation on Peach Ct. to other substations. This option serves the terminal between the Perche Creek, Grindstone and McBaine substations.

Council members also voted to eliminate the possibility of building underground lines.

A resident who lives near the proposed route expressed concern that overhead electric lines will have a negative impact on her property values.

"When someone comes in to buy one of these homes they would see those lines and have concerns about health issues or how the property looks," said Anita Bruzzese. "I understand that cost wise, other residents may not want them to go underground because it costs more but we have a lot invested in our homes."

The project will cost $13 million dollar and the Columbia Water and Light Department will continue working on specific plans.