City Council Discusses New Terminal for Columbia Regional Airport

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COLUMBIA - Amidst a packed schedule of issues to address, the Columbia city council discussed the addition of a new terminal to Columbia Regional Airport.

Mayor Bob McDavid says he's not concerned about where the money for the terminal will come from, but about getting more airline providers for the airport.

"I personally don't think we're in a position to talk about funding sources for a terminal yet. There will have to be a local funding source. It will probably involve leveraging federal money but that is a process which will be complex," McDavid said. "For me, the important thing right now, is the stabilization of our American Airlines relationship which seems to be going very well."

McDavid is also hopeful the airport will add more Chicago and Dallas flights.

As for the terminal itself, Glascock says he will have two different plans drawn up by mid-April. When asked by a councilman why two plans instead of one or three, Glascock replied,"I always like to give the Council a selection."

Both plans put the terminal in the northern portion of the airport, which means relocating the terminal from its current location.