City Council Expected to Vote on Personnel Changes

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COLUMBIA - The city council's agenda Monday includes a vote on an amendment to the fiscal year 2012 budget, a measure which would add, delete and reclassify dozens of positions within the city.

The proposed ordinance would affect four departments in Columbia: Law, Finance, Health and Human Services and Human Resources. The amendment would create some entirely new positions-- like the Financial Project Manager in the Finance Department-- and would eliminate and reclassify others. The changes would affect the current FY2012 budget, which runs until Sept. 30.

According to documents signed by City Manager Mike Matthes, changes in the Law Department would save the city $15,000 for FY2012, whereas reorganization in Health and Human Services would save $20,317.

Human Resources may see the most widespread reclassifications. The same document signed by Matthes said the ordinance would move two positions to other departments in order to avoid violating patient privacy laws. According to the document, an audit conducted by an outside consultant has spurred the proposed changes. The consultant recommends the city outsource certain jobs to "eliminate many of the HIPPA exposure areas." The current system "puts the City at risk for unnecessary exposure to employee PHI (private health information)."

The council's meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

To view the proposal on the city's website, please click here.